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Soil Food Jungle Flower & Fruit Juice 16oz - NPK 1-1-3

Soil Food Jungle Flower & Fruit Juice 16oz - NPK 1-1-3

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Formulated to promote plant health and vigor by providing natural nutrients that heavy-feeding flowering and fruiting plants crave during their flower and fruit phases. Adding Jungle Flower & Fruit Juice supports your plants so they can look & feel their best as they produce copious amounts of flowers and fruit. If you listen closely you might even hear your plants joyfully singing!

Though each Soil Food product stands alone, they are designed to work together –crazy synergy and magic happens when the complete Soil Food system is used!




Shake the bottle well, then mix 1 ounce of Jungle Flower & Fruit Juice per 1 gallon of clean, chlorine-free water.

For container-grown plants, add Jungle Flower & Fruit Juice to your water regimen weekly as the flowers are preparing to bud, as well as throughout the flowering and fruiting stages. For outdoor plants grown in-ground, add Jungle Flower & Fruit Juice to the watering schedule at least once a month.

The growing conditions, local climate, and type of plants grown will impact the frequency of watering and feeding schedules. Adjust according to your plants and their needs.

***Not intended for human consumption****

***Always wash hands after contact with any soil or composted product including Soil Food Premium Worm Castings***




Total Nitrogen…………………………….1%

Available Phosphate (P2O5)……………1%

Potassium (K2O)…………………………3%




SOLUBLE POTASH (derived from all natural muriate of potash)

AZOMITE (derived from pulverized volcanic rock)

GLACIAL ROCK DUST (derived from glacial moraine)

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