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5lb Soil Food Premium Worm Castings - NPK 1-1-1

5lb Soil Food Premium Worm Castings - NPK 1-1-1

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One 5lb bag of moist, nutrient dense worm castings alive with beneficial soil microorganisms. Everything we feed our worms is carefully chosen and delivered by hand to our worm babies allowing them to produce some of the highest quality worm castings available. Our packaging allows both moisture retention and oxygen flow to keep the microbes happy and alive.

We feed our worms high quality composted matter, grains, minerals and more to keep them healthy and happy. The quality of the food our worms eat directly impacts the quality of castings (poo) that they create. Soil Food Premium castings are suitable for everything you grow at all life stages from seedlings through maturity.

Though each Soil Food product stands alone, they are designed to work together –crazy synergy and magic happens when the complete Soil Food system is used!


When transplanting container-grown plants, add 10-20% Soil Food Premium Worm Castings to the total volume of soil. Example: 10 cups of potting media needs 1-2 cups of castings to achieve a 10-20% ratio. After plants are established in their containers, top dress by sprinkling ¼” of castings across visible soil at least once a month. When planting outdoor plants in the ground, add ½” to the root zone then top dress with ¼” of castings at least once a month. 

The growing conditions, local climate, and type of plants grown will impact the frequency of watering and feeding schedules. Adjust according to your plants and their needs. Always water castings into the soil after application, using clean, non-chlorinated water. 

Store castings in a cool dark environment and keep them moist with access to air. If they start to dry out before you are ready to apply, simply sprinkle or spray non-chlorinated water on them. Do not soak or drench your castings.

 ***Not intended for human consumption****

***Always wash hands after contact with any soil or composted product including Soil Food Premium Worm Castings***


Total Nitrogen…………………………..1%

Available Phosphate (P2O5)………….1%

Potassium (K2O)……………………….1%

Calcium (Ca)……………………………3%



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Thank you for choosing to Grow With Us!

Sid, Ed, and the Soil Food Team

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